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Anna Trubina

Balinese wife and art student

Denpasar (Bali)
My story

I came to Indonesia first time 8 years ago with volunteer program: teaching English to local kids in a way of cultural exchange. I lived with Indonesian family in Java island, and for several times I took 12-hours bus to Bali island. I met my future husband there, which made me fall in love with Indonesia even more. Next year I left my job at consulting company for a half-year back-packing trip to South-East Asia, and I usually chose home-stays to have local experience with my hosts. When I was back to Moscow, I went for Indonesian language class and Indonesian musical instrument(gamelan) class to the embassy of Indonesia. We performed at several events, so when I moved to Bali I entered Institute of Arts to continue playing. Balinese one is much more complicated than Javanese, so I was more found of traditional Balinese dances. I live with my husband's family in traditional house, I help his Mom with ceremonies preparation and love to understand Balinese culture more every day.

What do I do here?

I was born and raised in a southern city of Russia. I was working from when I was 17, I liked to hitch-hike when it was the only affordable way to travel. I went for Work&Travel program to New York and stayed there for 1,5 years. When I got back to Moscow I worked organizing medical conferences which allowed me to travel around the world. Even when it was for 1 day, or taking a budget flight to get to Chile I used the opportunity. I enjoyed meeting people of different cultures, and by 30 years I traveled to 50 countries. I feel in love with my best friend, and had to move to Bali. Our wedding was on the peak of corona-quarantine. It was a family traditional balinese ceremony with shocking and touching rituals. I was converted to hinduism. Now i continue working organizing doctor congresses in Europe, but I understand that I enjoy sharing my Balinese experience and everyday life. I have a popular instagram blog, and hope to take you for live sessions to non-touristic experience of Bali

What's the best of my city?

The main thing that I love about Bali is people and local culture. There are hundreds of tropical islands in the world, but Bali still attracts millions of tourists. We can be sure it is all about local culture, and how local people keep it alive enjoying the rituals and traditions not just for tourists, but because it's their way of living and thinking. Balinese people strike me as people without a gene for feeling any pain or sadness. They don't mind difficulties or losses, they see it as a essential element for keeping balance in their lives. Without bad we'll fall to too much good, but that's still falling. So they are grateful for everything in their life, and I'm trying to learn this from them.

My tours secret sauce

Of course I'd be happy to show you those places you can't get your eyes off at these beautiful paradise-alike pictures in internet. But I will show it to you with a local perspective. I will not only explain to you why Balinese do this or that, but i will engage you to try it yourself: I can show you traditional dancing moves, playing traditional music, making offerings, will take you for beautiful ceremonies to put these offerings in right way, and have cleansing ceremony at the waterfall with full understanding why and which way locals do it. My husband, his friends and me will be your off the beaten track adventure to Bali.

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