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Aleksandr S.

Student and babysitter


Hello! I am a student of Moscow State Pedagogical University and I am going to be a history and an English teacher. I live in university’s dormitory situated near VDNH metro station, but also I try to find time to visit my home town. I spent my childhood in Schelkovo. It is a little town near from Moscow. I have been living in Moscow since I enrolled in University. And last four years I live in Moscow – I study, work and enjoy my time in that city. I travel a lot and my favourite country for travelling is Russia. I have been in Chechen Republic (3 times), on Baikal (2 times), in Vladivostok, in Crimea (2 times), in some cities of Russian Golden Ring. That is not a full list of places, which I have visited, but I think it is the most interesting places. So, if you want, I can tell you a lot of funny stories and interesting things about travelling in Russia. And, of course, I can help you with planning your own travel around Russia. I began to explore Moscow actively, when I started work as a babysitter. I took cared for children in different districts of Moscow. It was amazing experience, because I had opportunity to see «real» Moscow and meet «true» people of this city, who have been living there since their childhood and who knows about Moscow some information, which you cannot hear at some excursion. I visited a lot of districts with different atmosphere and architecture, with different people and history. I have worked as a babysitter more than 2 years and now I can say that I really know Moscow. My favourite places in Moscow are different parks, which are scattered around the whole city and quiet streets in the center. When I worked as a babysitter, I visited a lot of different parks because it is the best place for walking with children. Now I can say that Moscow is really one of the greenest cities in the world. There are a lot of parks, which were founded in time of Russian Empire, there are a lot of parks, which were founded in time of USSR, and there are a lot of parks, which were founded in modern time. I really enjoy Moscow’s parks and I have my own favourite top-5 of them, which I want to share with you. And what about quiet streets? I think that it is really wonderful, when after a long walk around loudly Moscow’s touristic streets you can turn right or left and find yourself in a quiet street. These streets in Moscow have their own atmosphere. It is completely different from typical touristic streets and places in center of Moscow. I really like that and I show you these streets with a big pleasure.

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