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Как мне довелось здесь оказаться

I ended up in Paris 🗼 thanks to my aunt, I used to visit every summer since... I was born. 😂 My favorite subject at school was French, I loved French music, French culture, French movies, French manicure, French toasts or French bulldogs, so naturally I decided to study French Literature, find a French boyfriend, move to France and voilà, here I am! 🇫🇷 I hope I made you laugh as it wasn't as easy as that but of course it's somehow true. 😅 I know Paris, French History and Culture better than my French friends and boyfriend who were born and raised here, so trust me, you’re gonna have the time of your life visiting Paris with me. 😉 See you soon! 💕 - Your Paris Guide & Photographer

Чем я занимаюсь

I'm a freelance photographer, tour guide, Digital Marketing Consultant and French teacher. Yes, I do all of that 😆 that's why I'm never bored and I love my job! As you can imagine, everything I do professionally comes from my hobbies, so my work is my passion. ☺️ I'm an outdoor person, I love all activities which let me enjoy the sun. ☀ I'm into healthy eating and conscious lifestyle, as well as art and dance, that's why I'm the best person to show you the house of my favorite painter 🎨 Gustave Moreau, explain you the phenomenon of the painting "L'Origine du Monde" by Gustave Courbet located in the Musée d'Orsay or show you where to dance salsa by the Seine River! 💃🏼

В чем изюминка моего города

Well, Paris is always a good idea, right? 😏 Seriously, it's the most beautiful city in the world and there's so much to discover! Paris can be a bit overwhelming at first glance but if you know where to go and what to do, you'll love it! ❤️

Что особенного могу показать

I know Paris better than my friends who were born and raised here. 😁 I'll show you the best Instagrammable spots, take stunning photos of you and tell you the most interesting fun facts or stories (if you're a bit into history, art or literature) ;) I'll try to make you laugh but no worries if I'm the only person laughing. 😅

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Это я тоже могу

Не важно, какого локали Вы выберете и куда отправитесь в путешествие. Цена — едина.

Необязательно выбирать только одну конкретную прогулку из списка. Локали с удовольствием подберет для вас персональную программу, которая может быть сложена сразу из нескольких прогулок. А может вы получите вовсе что-то эксклюзивное и секретное, чего нет на сайте! Насчет стоимости переживать не стоит - все просто и прозрачно. Итоговая цена сложится автоматически, отталкиваясь от единого тарифа:


Чаще всего, 3-4 часа


Весь день

Обычно 6-8 часов



Обычно 1-2 часа


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