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Bonjour! I was a high school history teacher when in summer 2019, my husband got a once-in-a-life-time career opportunity in Paris. On New Year’s Day 2020, we packed up our cat and 3 suitcases and moved from California to a country we’d never been to! We arrived in Paris during the longest transportation strike in French history and then went through three nationwide lockdowns. Three years and one global pandemic later, I’ve found a passion for the expat life and fallen in love with Paris. I have spent hours wandering the streets of the city and the quais of the Seine. I enjoy seeking out street art, discovering hidden gems, and taking in the beauty of each season in this city—always with a pastry or a coffee in hand.

Чем я занимаюсь

I am a teacher and a history lover. I was a high school history teacher in the U.S, and now I teach English as a foreign language. I have taught English online and in person to students from France, China, and South Korea. I love rollerblading, eating, spending time with my cat, taste testing as many pain au chocolats as I can get my hands on, listening to French music and taking walks, reading True Crime novels, and traveling. I also love photographing my city and sharing my little piece of Paris on Instagram (ask me in the chat).

В чем изюминка моего города

“Paris is not a city; it’s a world.” — King Francis I Paris is not only incredibly beautiful and rich in history, but it is rich in diverse cultures, art, food, and more. It is so much more than the Champs-Élysées and the Eiffel Tower. Paris is always changing and there is always an antique market to explore or a new restaurant to try. Each season in Paris is different and special. In spring the city is full of pink and purple when the wisteria and cherry trees are in bloom. Summer is picnic season and the parks and the banks of the Seine are the place to be. In autumn when the leaves change it’s a perfect time to cozy up in a café. Winter in Paris means sparkly Christmas lights and plentiful hot wine and hot chocolate. Paris is the ideal city for walking tours because it’s quite small in terms of area and has an excellent metro system. The French even have a word for this, ‘flaneur,’ which means to wander without aim.

Что особенного могу показать

I love to share lesser known bits of Paris history. There are so many interesting stories….Did you that there are two ancient Egyptian mummies buried in Paris? Or that that there are seven different smaller replicas of the Statue of Liberty throughout the city? Or that there is an old above-ground railroad track which has been turned into a park? I want to show you off-the-beaten path sites as well as monuments and iconic locations. Come and experience the magic of Paris as Parisians do—from shopping at the local marché, to sitting at the park with a pastry, to strolling along the Seine. I also love taking photos in Paris and know lots of perfect Instagramable spots all over the city! I can’t wait to share my city with you!

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Не важно, какого локали Вы выберете и куда отправитесь в путешествие. Цена — едина.

Необязательно выбирать только одну конкретную прогулку из списка. Локали с удовольствием подберет для вас персональную программу, которая может быть сложена сразу из нескольких прогулок. А может вы получите вовсе что-то эксклюзивное и секретное, чего нет на сайте! Насчет стоимости переживать не стоит - все просто и прозрачно. Итоговая цена сложится автоматически, отталкиваясь от единого тарифа:


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