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A Tour to the Northern Lights in Russia, Murmansk


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Start date

27 September – 29 September


3 days

Start from

Moscow & St.Petersburg

This is your last chance to explore the Russian North with Localie before fall 2021! We are heading to the very north of Russia, up above the Arctic Circle to spot the magnificent Aurora Borealis — the Northern Lights. But also to experience how is that: ➡️ living in a dark without sun arising during a 'polar night' ➡️ touching the Arctic Ocean and standing on the 'end of the earth' ➡️ being a Russian nordic nation called 'pomóry' (помóры) We will take a flight from Moscow to Murmansk — the largest city in the world north of the Arctic Circle, with a population of 300,000 people. By the way, the most northern McDonald's is located exactly in Murmansk 😉 The other phenomenon that we about to explore is the 'polar night'. Here, in winter, the sun doesn't come up out of the horizon for 40 days in a row. We will get there right at the end of it to see how is that — living constantly in a dark. The trip will take 3 days. On day 1 we will arrive in Murmansk and get introduced to the local delicious seafood — freshly harvested out of the Arctic Ocean. Day 2 will be a full-day road trip! After breakfast, we're leaving the hotel for an exciting journey to the very northern village called Teriberka, located on the Arctic Ocean bay. There we'll visit the northern deer and husky farm, drive the snowmobiles, spot remarkable nature, see the old ship graveyard, and finally enjoy the famous Northern Lights. We'll have a great lunch and dinner on the way to the most inspiring places, recommended by locals. On day 3 we explore Murmansk with a local! We'll see all the hidden gems, get acquainted with the local specifics, and learn how does it feel to spend your whole life above the Arctic Circle. In the evening we're flying back to Moscow. The tour is held in English. The group will be 50-50 filled by English-speaking expats living in Moscow and Russians — fluent English-speakers — to stimulate a better cultural exchange. I will carefully guide you through all the steps of the journey to obtain the best possible experience ❤️


What's included?


S7 Airlines flight tickets — Economy class, luggage is included.


Accommodation — a standard room in a 4* hotel (Park Inn or Azimut).


Buffet breakfasts during the journey, at your hotel.


Driving snowmobiles, entrance to the north safari farm.


2 days with a local host — a localie.


All transfers in Murmansk, including a trip to Teriberka.

What's excluded?


Lunches and Dinners are the only excluded.

Additional information


Although we're traveling beyond the Arctic Circle, the climate in Murmansk is quite soft and warm due to the Gulfstream. Usually, it is snowy during the winter with an average temperature of -5 to -10 Celcius.


We're travelling as a small group of friends, 8 guests max. We take care of the diversity and the cultural exchange — therefore we're trying to combine expats/foreign travellers with fluent English-speaking Russians in one group, 50-50.


Direct flight, luggage is included


2 nights at 4* hotel, breakfast is included


On-site program (Aurora, Teriberka, Murmansk)


Airport transfers & 1 day road trip to Teriberka




The price is per person. It includes almost everything: the program, transfers, flights and accommodation (4* hotel). The price above is considering your stay in a double room with another person. If you want to stay at single room alone, I will kindly ask you to pay extra 5390 RUB for 2-night stay.



(3 reviews)

Evelina Faizulina

Evelina Faizulina

21 January 2021

Поездка в Мурманскую область была невероятно запоминающейся! Посетили несколько интереснейших мест всего за три дня, увидели северное сияние, звездное небо, полярную ночь, попробовали местную кухню, пообщались с местными жителями. И все это в компании прекрасных людей, с которыми подружились с первой же встречи. Огромное спасибо команде localie за безупречную организацию! Жду новых туров))

This tour is hosted by

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Anastasia Mostovaya

English teacher, actress, dancer and pastry chef

Murmansk is my hometown. Here I was born, grew up, studied, broke my arm, died my hair, overslept work ... Here is my whole life, that I love with all my heart! In Murmansk I’ve realized that I don’t like heat, but I don’t like frost either. That snow in May is normal! And when at first there is no sun for more than a month, and then it does not set even at night - is also normal! That you need to keep your feet warm, and even in summer you’d better take a warm jacket with you. And that, de...

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