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Educational Trip – The Origin of Russia 👉 Vladimir with WALL STREET ENGLISH


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April 24th May 1st N2 level + recommended Calling all students of English! Localie is partnering with Wall Street English to present our first Educational tour! You'll spend the day in an entirely English speaking environment with your teachers and other fluent English speakers. You will travel with Alex (Smolenskaya), Dylan (Taganskya) and Localie founder Nick who grew up in Vladimir! There you will meet with local resident and upcoming Music producer Anastasia. It will be the ideal chance to relax, explore and enjoy a vibrant English speaking touristic environment! This time I'm gathering a warm group of WSE students and friends who live in Moscow for a one-day cozy road trip to Russia's origin — a 1000-year old historical town of Vladimir, just 200 km away from the capital. Many people call Vladimir as 'the origin of the Russian state'. Indeed, in 1000x-1200x Vladimir was the capital of the kingdom (Grand Duchy of Vladimir) that controlled a major part of the modern European part of Russia, but also Ukraine and Belarus. Some ancient buildings are preserved there up until nowadays with an authentic vibe you would never experience in Moscow. If you're interested to see how our country looked like centuries ago, explore the old architecture of the 1100s and 1800s, or just taste a mysterious vibe of authentic Russian province, come and join us! Btw, no lengthy historical lectures during the tour, I promise! Only interesting, juicy facts, cozy cafes, breathtaking views, and architecture. I will be renting a van with lots of comfy seats, so we can easily access all the hidden gems and won't be tied to the schedule of public transport. We will have complete freedom! We will leave Moscow early on Saturday, around 7:30-8:00 am. I'll pick you up in 2 spots.. Belorusskaya Station and Shosse Entuziastov The detailed agenda with the photos is available in the 'Day 1' tab. We can't wait to spend the day with you all!


What's included?


Transport - Compfortable Mercedes Minivan from Moscow to Vladimir and back


English practice with natives - chance to hone in on your skills


Localie - guidance from Localie Nastiya


Museum Entries & Activities

What's excluded?


Food - Everyone eats differently. We will visit two different awesome places in Vladimir for food :)


Private Van Hire with Driver


Program and coordination






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(4 reviews)

Анастасия Малова

Анастасия Малова

1 February 2021

Прогулка по Владимиру была классная. Такая лайтовая, но в тоже самое время было оптимальное наполнение на 1 день. Опыт общения с экспатами, их взгляд на привычные нам вещи наплкнули на размыщления. Город оказался очень милым и гостеприимным.

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Alexander Phillipps

Linguist, adventurer and easy going academic. Growth & Expansion at Localie

I was born in London, England back in 1991 but always had a sense of adventure and a curiosity of language. I moved to Moscow on an exchange programme when I was just 18 and had one of the most memorable years of my life! It was that initial experience along with incredible interactions with Russians that brought be back to Russia in 2018. I've lived here ever since and have no plans to move yet!

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