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Saint Petersburg
My story

My name is Yana and I am a girl from Petersburg... One of those who were brought to museums at an early age, whose best childhood memories are the fountains of Peterhof and the Nutcracker ballet, who, being university students, used to spend free time in the Hermitage (yet, we often had classes there). The soul of Petersburg is in its people, and the city tells stories about them, revealing their secrets to those who want to listen. How do I talk to my city? Education in human sciences and linguistics, art history courses, infinite curiosity, and my love for the city I have been sharing with my guests for 2 years already.

What do I do here?

I am a translator and a private guide who wants to be more of your local friend tan a guide in Saint Petersburg, this city which never stops to surprise me. Whenever I get tired of sitting at my computer doing translations, I go to the city centre: a nice walk, a new exhibition, a cup of coffee in a cozy place... and I am fully recharged! There is something special in the air or in the granite of the long Neva embankments...

What's the best of my city?

Petersburg is the most European city in Russia. Or maybe even the most European city in Europe! Why? Just try to imagine: someone decided to choose the most beautiful sights of the best European cities and gather them in one place! on a swamp... in just a few centuries!

My tours secret sauce

Saint Petersburg is more than just a beautiful facade. Each street, each building hides an amazing story of its inhabitants, some are real, some are fictional. The strict geometry of the architecture keeps secrets worth a novel or at least a "Netflix" series. And I love retelling these stories. I want every guest to be able to write its own novel about my beloved city.

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