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Giovanna Sá

Creative and travel lover

My story

As a very curious person, I always loved new challenges and moving out of my comfort zone. I moved to Europe from Brazil in 2018 with the dream of studying here and traveling at the same time. Since then I have lived in a few different cities like Porto and Zagreb, but two years ago I decided to learn french and pursue my film studies in Paris, the city where cinema was born.

What do I do here?

I manage my time between studying at Sorbonne University, working in a japanese restaurant and discovering new places to hang out in Paris. I almost never get bored living in a city as big as this one, with all the places I can discover and share with others.

What's the best of my city?

For me, the best part of Paris is just walking around and enjoying what comes in our way, and that can be an iconic place such as Sacré Cœr or even visiting a nice library and finding out that one of the best boulangeries in town is just around the corner. I love the spontaneity of visiting a place and discovering spots that most people don’t talk about.

My tours secret sauce

Falling in love with this city is an everyday event due to all it's artistic beauty and history. I would be so happy to show you how much Paris has to offer besides the Eiffel Tower.

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