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My story

I first visited Paris many years ago when I was a hip-hop dancer. Since I've been coming to Paris regularly for one of the biggest worldwide dance events. And so, I was discovering the beautiful and romantic side of the city during the day and it's urban and underground side at night with hip-hop and funk music. Years later it happened to me to have a chance to come to Paris as a philosophy student to finish my Master's degree in the most liberal university of the city. It was a scholarship Erasmus program that allowed me to have an amazing year in a student residence and to meet the wonderful people from all over the world. That trip has definitely changed my perception of the city and my life itself. I've learned a lot about insider's life, some particularly Parisian advantages as well as many particularly Parisian difficulties and challenges for foreigners. But no matter what, Paris has become to me a very special, inspiring, motivating and truly soul place.

What do I do here?

After my first student year in Paris and the end of my Erasmus, I realised I just can not leave this city and need to do my best to stay. So, I was working hard on looking for options and the best one for me was to keep studying. Being an independent foreign student out of any program is very different and not easy. I entered another Master at Critics of Art faculty, found a job and an apartment. And has started once again a new chapter :) Before coming to Paris I've been living in Moscow and before that in a small city in the Northern Caucasus and before that in Almaty and before in Saint-Petersburg :D So, I've been moving quite a lot and never wanted to stop. But only in Paris I first felt my place where I would really love to stay! As far as I remember myself my biggest activity was always studying..dancing, drawing, philosophy, art, psychoanalysis, fashion, languages. And now, being in Paris, I'm looking for the opportunities to find the best use of my experience :)

What's the best of my city?

In Paris there are so many different places to see and interesting things to do! Besides the city of lights it's also the city of contrasts that can surprise you being very different from what it looks like in instagram. But this variety might charm you even more :) For me, Paris always can fit with my mood of the day. Sometimes it's a beautiful cafe-terrace in one of the oldest districts of the city and a walk across the Rive Gauche (Left bank of the Seine) by visiting the famous Sorbonne university and meeting the sunset in the wonderful Luxembourg Garden. Or sometimes it's a gloomy rainy day that becomes cosy in one of the best Parisian coffee shops, visiting art galleries and museums or some trendy concept stores. Sometimes it can be a creative workshop and jazz concert in some hidden industrial bar in the evening. In all the ways, every time I discover something new even walking the same direction, some new details never noticed before. Paris for me has no end.

My tours secret sauce

I appreciate aesthetics in everything, that's my biggest source of inspiration and good mood. That's why during my trips I try to share my vision with my travellers, to help them find their own inspiration and to stay in a good mood :) I could show you the most must visit places of Paris, best art spaces in the city, authentic modern architectural monuments, former Lost generation places including the first publishing house of "Ulysse" which also brought Hemingway to fame, unique hidden places of my favourite district Montmartre, good places with amazing view on the city. Besides, with great pleasure I'd show you my favourite and certainly the best coffee places in Paris, give your some advices about the wine and the best cheese accompaniment and, of course, share with you the best spots for picnic. If you're a big gourmet like me, I could help you to make your gastronomy tour in the most charming places of Paris ;)

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